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Pride of the Range (1910)
The Two Brothers (1910)
Range Pals (1911)
(uncredited) ... Cowhand The White Medicine Man (1911)
(uncredited) Custer's Last Stand (1911)
Coals of Fire (1911)
Frontiersman George Warrington's Escape (1911)
Indian Messenger War on the Plains (1912)
A Frontiersman The Indian Massacre (1912)
A Settler/An Indian The Battle of the Red Men (1912)
Sioux Brave The Lieutenant's Last Fight (1912)
Big Bear The Outcast (1912)
Indian Brave A Soldier's Honor (1912)
A Trooper On the Warpath (1912)
Arrow Head, as a Young Brave The Frontier Child (1912)
The Chief's Son Custer's Last Fight (1912)
Trooper The Invaders (1912)
Telegrapher The Claim Jumper (1913)
Deputy The Squaw Man (1914)
Townsman The Cherry Pickers (1914)
Hussar Buckshot John (1915)
Hairtrigger Jordan When the Fiddler Came to Big Horn (1915)
Dick Asher, Day Ranch Foreman Pretty Mrs. Smith (1915)
Undetermined Role Nearly a Lady (1915)
Cowpuncher A Cattle Queen's Romance (1915)
Bart, Dallia Ranch Cowboy 'Twas Ever Thus (1915)
Manservant Man-Afraid-of-His-Wardrobe (1915)
Buchanan 'Buck' Parvin Buck Parvin in the Movies (1915)
Buck Parvin Buck's Lady Friend (1915)
Buck Parvin This Is the Life (1915)
Buck Parvin Film Tempo (1915)
Buck Parvin Author! Author! (1915)
Buck Parvin Water Stuff (1916)
Buck Parvin The Extra Man and the Milk-Fed Lion (1916)
Buck Parvin Margy of the Foothills (1916)
Ben Marlin Curlew Corliss (1916)
Curlew Corliss Snow Stuff (1916)
Buck Parvin Under Azure Skies (1916)
Bill Hardy The Awakening (1916)
The Return (1916/II)
Frank Melville With a Life at Stake (1916)
Blinky A Man's Friend (1916)
Hal, a Trapper A Modern Knight (1916)
Percival Cadwallader 'Pin' Perkins Sandy, Reformer (1916)
Sandy The Battle of Life (1916)
Dave Karns Heart and Soul (1917)
Undetermined Role The Show Down (1917)
Cleopatra (1917)
Kephren Headin' South (1918)
The Wild Westerner (1919)
Larry Norton The Fighting Line (1919)
Mart Long The Kid and the Cowboy (1919)
Jud The Moon Riders (1920)
Buck Ravelle, a Ranger The Show Down (1921)
Snappy Walton The Fightin' Actor (1921)
Bob Weston The White Horseman (1921)
Wayne Allen/The White Horseman The Cowpuncher's Comeback (1921)
Jack O'Lane The Call of the Blood (1921) ... Bob Shelton Winners of the West (1921) ... Arthur Standish/The Mysterious Spaniard Fair Fighting (1921)
Bud Austin A Race for a Father (1922)
The Ranger's Reward (1922)
Buck Thomas Matching Wits (1922)
Art Somers Go Get 'em Gates (1922)
Go-Get-'Em Yates Ridin' Through (1922)
Larry Cassidy, RCMP Unmasked (1922)
Larry O'Donne, RCMP Dead Game (1922)
Steve McCully, RCMP Come Clean (1922)
Tracked Down (1922)
Barney McFee, RCMP The Gypsy Trail (1922)
Jack Martin, RCMP In the Days of Buffalo Bill (1922)
Art Taylor The Oregon Trail (1923)
Jean Brulet Fighting for Justice (1924)
Bullets Bernard Looped for Life (1924)
Buck Dawn Three in Exile (1925)
Art Flanders The Circus Cyclone (1925)
Jack Manning The Wild Girl (1925)
Billy Woodruff The Silent Guardian (1925)
Jim Sullivan Pals (1925)
Bruce Taylor The Call of Courage (1925)
Steve Caldwell Western Pluck (1926)
'Arizona' Allen Sky High Corral (1926)
Jack McCabe Rustlers' Ranch (1926)
Lee Crush The Set-Up (1926)
Deputy Art Stratton The Scrappin' Kid (1926)
Bill Bradley The Terror (1926)
Art Downs The Ridin' Rascal (1926)
Larrabie Keller The Man from the West (1926)
Art Louden Lazy Lightning (1926)
Lance Lighton Loco Luck (1927)
Bud Harris Set Free (1927)
'Side Show' Saunders Hard Fists (1927)
Art Alvord The Western Rover (1927)
Art Seaton aka Art Hayes Spurs and Saddles (1927)
Jack Marley Two-Gun O'Brien (1928)
Two-Gun O'Brien His Last Battle (1928)
Flashing Spurs (1929)
The White Outlaw (1929)
Johnny Douglas aka the White Outlaw Bullets and Justice (1929)
Jim Steel The Arizona Kid (1929)
Bill Strong (The Arizona Kid) An Oklahoma Cowboy (1929)
Wyoming Tornado (1929)
Fighters of the Saddle (1929)
Dick Weatherby Texas Battler (1929)
Trailin' Trouble (1930)

Heavy drinking problem

Because of a heavy drinking problem and his inability to adapt to the advent of talkies, Acord's film career faded, and he ended up performing in road shows and mining in Mexico. Shortly before his death, Acord appears to have attempted to orchestrate his own kidnapping as a publicity stunt.
Art Acord died in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico, on January 4, 1931 and was interred in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California. Official Mexican records called it a suicide, but some of Acord's friends over the years insisted that he had been murdered by a Mexican politician who had caught Acord having an affair with his wife.
During his life, Art Acord made over 100 film shorts, all but a few of which have been lost.
For his contribution to the motion picture industry, Acord has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1709 Vine Street.
Art Acord films still available:
The Arizona Kid (1928) Fighters of the Saddle (1929) The White Outlaw (1929) See also: Other notable figures in Western films

Born to Mormon parents in Prattsville

Born to Mormon parents in Prattsville, Utah, Acord as a young man worked as a cowboy and ranch hand. He went on to become one of the first true stars of western films. A celebrated rodeo star, Acord not only acted but also wrote scripts and performed as a stunt man. He won the Steer Bulldogging world championship in 1912 and repeated as champion in 1916, defeating challenger and friend Hoot Gibson. His rodeo skills had been sharpened when he worked for a time for Miller's 101 Ranch Real Wild West Show. It was with the 101 that he made friends with Tom Mix,"Broncho Billy" Anderson and Hoot Gibson, all cowboys of the silver screen.


Born 17 April 1890Stillwater, Oklahoma Died January 4, 1931 (aged 40)Chihuahua Mexico Spouse(s) Edythe Sterling (1913-1916)Edna Nores (?-?)Louise Lorraine (?-1928) Artemus Ward Acord (April 17, 1890 - January 4, 1931) was an American silent film actor and rodeo champion.